Used 2002 Woodley White

$7,000.00 $7,500.00

This Used Grand Concert Classical Guitar is based on the renowned 1943 Hauser design which has an alluring, rich, clear sound. Standard design features are:

  • Seven fan braces
  • Well-seasoned cedar top
  • One-piece neck of Spanish cedar
  • Ebony fret board
  • Ramped string slots, 35 mm roller spacing for the  machine heads
  • Rosewood body that tapers from 100 mm to 95mm
  • 43 mm string spacing at the nut and 57 mm at the  saddle
  • Handmade decorative mosaic rosette 
  • 65 centimeter scale 
  • Brazilian rosewood bridge
  • Fine Tuning machines (David Rodgers)
  • French-polish finish
  • Hard shell case


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